Dear Police
Hello, hope you are all well & safe. please excuse me but I’m no good at doing this, but I hope it makes sense.
I just needed to let you all know that no matter what you are not alone. The public do care about you & they care a lot! We understand all the pressures etc, perhaps not as much as we should, but don’t ever think you are fighting alone.
If our bosses were acting & treating us like yours & the govt are doing, milking us for all our worth, trampling all over us & shafting us left right & centre etc, we too would feel like you. The difference is we have a voice, we can use our rights to fight any injustice, bullying or abuse by employers-you can’t .
You have less rights than the criminals you protect us from, you Have no voice without the threat of punishment or comeback & have to let yourselves be treated like dirt. This is not right!
You are always there for the public come rain or shine. Even after long shifts & tiresome days, if needed tou’d be there willingly & with no real thanks from the top.
You have always been there for me during sad times & other times too. One of your colleagues was even there when I fell & hurt my knee as a child and the one occasion I got lost for a few minutes in the park (seemed like hours to me, things do when you’re small). One of your colleagues held my had & helped me find my dad – he wasn’t far but at the time I was scared & lost, the park seemed massive to me, you helped me thank you!
You dear police have helped loads of people & been a much needed comfort to many. The police isn’t just about crime figures, it’s about caring & providing protection. You guys know that & do it well, it’s not you that has lost sight of this.
You also make me smile & provide a little happiness when you say hi or when I wave at you & you wave back, yeah I’m daft but I like to think it may have made one of you feel appreciated & maybe made a bad day a little better for you.
You guys do all that & are there when no one else is,you are put in situations that no one should be but you do it willingly even when not on duty. You don’t go un-noticed.
The public do acknowledge this & DO appreciate you loads. You are not allowed a voice but we are willing to be that voice, I know I am.
It’s not about the public & the police, it’s about us all & all that is still good in this country. Don’t let the govt or anyone else, not even the bad voice in your head (yes we all have one) bring you down or con you into thinking the public doesn’t care. The public does!
We all sometimes just need to know what we can do to help.
But from a personal point, I just want to say ‘Thank you!’ to you all & send you each a hug (one for when you most need it too). Yes it’s not much and a bit lame, it won’t really achieve anything to make things right but it may help you to remember you are not alone, ever!
Stay safe, we the public ARE here for you.
Don’t give up hope. The fight will be hard but it can be won! Xx
——I’m anonymous not because I’m ashamed of what I’ve said-I’m not and I don’t mind you knowing who I am but it’s not about me, I don’t want thanks or anything. You guys thank me enough by just being there, even if you don’t know you do.