I didn’t know them but I have been where they were. Running to a job in progress without thinking too much about what I was actually running toward.

I didn’t know them but I have done what they were doing. I joined for the same reasons. I had that Calling – the burning passion to help and make a difference.

I didn’t know them but I was once in their shoes being sent to the scene of some incident or other with the full intention of doing good when I got there.

I didn’t know them but I have left my family and loved ones at all hours of the day and night, accepting the dangers i might face but with the full expectation of returning home at the end of a shift.

I didn’t know them but I worked with people like them. I have seen their faces around every briefing room, in every station I have ever worked in. I have had the pleasure of working alongside them and supervising them and helping them achieve their goals.

I didn’t know them but I have had to deliver that painful message that a loved one isn’t ever coming home again.

I didn’t know them but I know the helplessness of desperately trying to save a life when you know all hope is gone.

I didn’t know them but they were my colleagues, my friends, my family.

I didn’t know Fiona or Nicola. But although I didn’t know them – I actually knew them very well indeed.

We weren’t in the same force but we were part of the same service.

That service, that family is now stricken at the loss of two sisters who were known and adored my many…

but who will be recognised, loved and mourned by thousands.

They have been taken from us cruelly and far too early.

I didn’t know them but my sorrow will last a lifetime.

My thanks for what they were doing for us will be everlasting

My pride in them…