Recently I’ve received a lot of thanks from police officers for helping with their cause. Though I’m deeply humbled I need to say this….

Yes I’m a policeman’s daughter, yes because of this I’ve had to endure bullying throughout the later years of school, through out college and take abuse from work colleagues who are anti-police (sorry dad if you are reading this, i never told you to protect you as I knew it would break your heart), but I’m still proud to be classed as part of the police family.
Police officers hve to endure all kinds of crap from people day in, day out,see some horrid sights but despite all that they are always friendly & willing to help.
A police officer is never off duty, always there in times of need, they will always stop to help even if this means putting family on the back burner – because they took that oath to protect the public, because they care, because they can.
I believe It takes a special person to become a police officer. That person is willing to give up their rights, accept that their job must always come first, be able to stand up to constant abuse, ensure public safety is upheld and these kind of people are those who have the fight personality. Where someone would run away rather than help, they stay and help. That to me requires courage. The recent riots show this courage.
The police hve always been there for me when I needed someone, I’m proud to say  my most trusted friends are police officers. Yes ive had One bad experience with the police but that hasnt stopped me from respecting them because you cannot tarnish everyone in the uniform with the same brush.  The police to me are the true unsung heroes, is this because ive always been surrounded by them or perhaps its because I hve a little more knowledge than most members of the public? Either way when you discover what their job truly involves i hope you would gain a new
appreciation for our police service.

So id like to say a massive thank you for all the hardwork you the police do, in fact i dont there are any words to say how thankful i am. keep up the good work because there are people who care about you, we maybe far and few in-between but we do Care.

Samantha D. Yeates