My Duty by Spatula
When you call out, I will be there
When no one else does, I will care
When you most need someone, I won’t be late
When your family need help, mine will wait,

When others turn away, I will stand my ground
When a loved one is missing, I’ll make sure they’re found
When the scene is grim, I will bring relief
When I feel like crying I will grit my teeth

When you stand and shout, I will always be calm
When you face danger, I will keep you from harm
When I’m tired and low, I won’t drop my guard
When my life is broken, I will still work hard

When the world would shun, I will empathise
When the night is long, I won’t shut my eyes
When you’re with loved ones, I’ll be out on the street
When I’m hard at work, there’ll be no time to eat

When you’re sick on my shoes, I will not judge
When I’m faced with defeat, I will not budge
When the blue line is thin, I will stretch myself more
To keep danger, and harm and fear from your door

This is my duty, this is my call
When you’ve nothing to give, I will give you my all.
By Spatula, © 2012, All rights reserved.

Author notes
This is my little tribute to those who have lost their lives in the name of keeping the peace, and those who give so much every day that we might be safe.