At about 11:00 am Tuesday 18th September 2012 PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes from Greater Manchester Police attended a “routine incident” that was ultimately far from it. The lives of the two young, brave officers were taken in a cold, calculated act of evil that would be beyond the comprehension of any right-thinking human being.

Never in the era of modern policing in the UK have we seen such brutality used towards unarmed officers who were doing the job they loved, protecting the public. As the news broke around the UK it was as though an earthquake had gone off in the policing world. The tremors were felt in all corners, at all levels and by every single one of us – the sworn few, our civilian colleagues and our families.

Many of us didn’t know Fiona or Nicola. Most of us don’t work in Greater Manchester Police either but the loss of any police officer killed in the line of protecting the public reminds each and every one of us that under the uniform we wear or behind the warrant card we carry we are still human beings who are just as easily hurt as those we protect. We are a unique family of people who share a bond. We don’t do a “job” – you could never write a job description that could do justice to the office of Constable or convey the risks involved with holding the office. When one of us bleeds – we all bleed and moreover we all bleed blue and this is why today we all feel something inside so strong.

Rest In Peace Fiona and Nicola – nobody could have asked  for or expected more from you.