I need to write something.

I’m a 24/7 response Sgt, I’ve been a police officer for 14yrs. I care about it, I love it but at times like these I am in awe of it.

Why do I say this?

Simple really. Today, after the horrific events in Manchester, we see what is great about the British Police and the British Public.

Police officers from across the UK have volunteered to go and police Manchester (#coverforGMP) in order to allow their colleagues to attend the funerals of the fallen. Members of the public have laid flowers outside police stations on the south coast, and I’m sure throughout the UK and offered words of kindness.

Many more talented than I have written blogs in relation to recent events and they have been truly brilliant. I just had to say something.

As a Sgt I have stood in front of the window before waiting for my shift to return.

One PC asked “what you doing Sgt?”

I replied “I counted all my spitfires out, I’m counting them all back in again”

Yesterday one Sgt lost 2 spitfires, we lost 2 colleagues, the public lost 2 dedicated servants but more important than all that 2 families lost their loved ones.

RIP Fiona & Nicola