On Saturday 20th October there is a march in London.  It is an anti austerity march.  It is for anyone who cares about the cuts being made by our Government.  If you have found your way to this blog, it is most probably because you are interested in Public Service of some sort.  Well, I just want to appeal to each and every person who reads this – please, please, if you can make it, will you walk with others who care too?  The more people who go who are prepared to calmly and sensibly walk through London to show the Government how wrong they are, the better effect this march will have.  You know first hand the damage which is being caused, the suffering to come.  If not you, then who?  This is not a march for the NHS.  This is not a march for Education.  This is not a march for the Fire Service.  This is not a march for our Armed Services.  This is not a march for our Police.  This is a march for EVERYONE.  Alone, you are loud but together – together you cannot be ignored.  Stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with each other.  You are people who care, who earn much less than you could in other roles, because you believe in public service.

If you can manage it, Ill see you there……We ARE all in this together.